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Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Right For You?

If you’re looking for an instant spike in visitors to your website, pay-per-click marketing could be the solution you need. Many of our clients use it to introduce their new website design, market a promotion, or present a new product. The great thing about PPC is that as soon as you start your campaign, you’ll see an immediate increase in numbers.

Google AdWords

Launched in 2000, this is the starting point for most PPC campaigns. Google Adwords helps you to analyse the market, find high ranking keywords, and promote your brand effectively.

Keyword Research

Detailed research is crucial to the success of your PPC campaign. You need to know that your keywords accurately reflect the words customers use to search for your product.


PPC Marketing Needs Professional Management

There are multiple platforms where PPC marketing takes place. Your PPC strategy will involve
utilising a blend of these to achieve maximum return on your investment.

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PPC Mathematic

Profitable Pay-Per-Click Requires Goal Setting, Campaign Design, and Constant Monitoring

A Pay-Per-Click ad is one which appears in prime position on digital platforms, in response to search terms you enter. Each time the ad gets clicked on, the advertiser will be charged. The cost of PPC ads is determined by the popularity of the keywords used; those that get the most searches each month cost more than those that are rarely used.


PPC Management occurs in 3 stages:


  1. Goal and budget setting
  2. Campaign creation
  3. Monitoring and adjustment of keywords


There’s no doubt that PPC works for growing your business, but it can be costly. PPC management ensures that the goals and budget are set, and that you get the very best return for the money you are able to spend.

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